PC Stable Update 1.04

 DayZ 1.04 вводит расширенную систему болезней и меняет назначение нескольких предметам медицинского назначения. С боевой стороны мы добавили две новые штурмовые винтовки из надежного семейства КА и арсенал гранат, поскольку выжившие получают способность бросать предметы. Однако инфицированные тоже обновились!

Все детали ниже:



KA-74 — штурмовая винтовка со съемным магазином. Он был представлен в 1970-х годах как замена KA-M. Он использует 5,45×39 мм патроны. Все детали с КА-М (кроме магазина) совместимы.


KA-101 — штурмовая винтовка со съемным магазином. Это экспортная версия модернизированного KA-74M с совместимыми насадками и оптикой. Он использует 5,56×45 мм патрон.

Новые и улучшенные насадки для оружия

  • Обычные и трассирующие варианты боеприпасов 5,45х39 мм
  • Прицел P1-87-L.



  • Зараженные теперь могут появляться с головным убором и другим лутом.
  • Игроки теперь могут бросать предметы (удерживайте «G», активация броска и сила кнопкой мыши)


«За плечом» теперь можно носить 2 оружия (как ближнего боя , так и огнестрельного) или инструмента.

Медицинские дополнения

  • лихорадка
  • Эффекты и баланс для адреналина, кодеина, морфина и угольных таблеток
  • Обувь постепенно стирается при использовании
  • Действие «Проверить пульс» теперь отображает артериальное давление и тип пульса, если он (оно) нерегулярный



  • Server Admins: Please read the changes on the player spawn points in the «Server» section below to avoid complications!
  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Added: New Steam Experimental apps
  • Added: KA-74 with attachments
  • Added: KA-101 with attachments
  • Added: P1-87-L Scope
  • Added: 5.45x39mm ammunition
  • Added: 5.45x39mm tracer ammunition
  • Added: Overlay icons to differentiate ammunition variants
  • Added: Music in the Main Menu
  • Added: Independent shoulders (possibility to carry two ranged/melee weapons at the same time)
  • Added: Magazine auto-refill by holding ‘R’
  • Added: Throwing (hold ‘G’ to activate throwing stance)
  • Added: Grenades (EGD-5 and 6-M7 frag grenades, 1-M8 and EGD-2 smoke grenades, 8-M4 Flashbang)
  • Added: Grenades can be attached to selected vests
  • Added: Handheld Transceiver can be attached to Courier Bag
  • Added: Mod presentation in the Main Menu (documentation)
  • Added: In-game hints in the Pause Menu
  • Added: Vomit emote/gesture
  • Added: Mitigation of so-called server hopping on public hives (when a player changes server, a hopping spawn point is used instead of the last log off position)
  • Added: Support for multiple sets of player spawn points (only for public hives, currently fresh and hop sets available)
  • Added: Fever now causes water loss
  • Added: Epinephrine restores the patients’ stamina to the max value
  • Added: Codeine Pills mitigates the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Morphine suppresses the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Charcoal Tablets can eliminate Salmonella bacteria
  • Added: Shoes gradually wear off while using
  • Added: Check Pulse action now displays the blood pressure and pulse type if irregular
  • Added: Infected can be spawned with headgear, vests, and backpacks
  • Added: Positional rain sounds for the Coal Plant
  • Added: Character sounds for male characters wearing a gag
  • Added: Flare effect around the Road Flare
  • Added: Stamina is depleted if a player is hit by a Flashbang
  • Added: Player can hear his voice when talking through a megaphone, PAS (when receiver is nearby) or transmitter (when more than one on the same frequency nearby)


  • Fixed: Inventory was closed if another player performed the restrain action (T140237)
  • Fixed: AI could teleport, visually appear where it was not positioned or be positioned at roofs (T139728)
  • Fixed: AI herds were not releasing the territory after the last member of the herd died (could prevent AI herds from re-spawning on smaller terrains with a lower number of territories)
  • Fixed: Incorrect visual state of the speedometer
  • Fixed: Character will not fold the map while in prone and becomes stuck
  • Fixed: Liquid contents of the barrel do not persist upon server restart (T139791)
  • Fixed: Ruined weapons could twitch while trying to look through optics
  • Fixed: Character started to float in some sections of small rivers (T140952)
  • Fixed: Influenza did not cause the blur effect
  • Fixed: Texture filtering option in graphics settings was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Many fixes and improvements to the ChernarusPlus terrain
  • Fixed: DayZ local application data folder was not properly deleted via DayZUninstaller
  • Fixed: Punching walls was emitting unsuitable bullet impact particles
  • Fixed: Spotlight had a hole where the reflector part should be
  • Fixed: Switch ON/OFF actions sometimes not being available on Spotlight after a server restart
  • Fixed: Personal light created an undesired reflection if another source of light was nearby (it was mostly visible as a blue shine on cars)
  • Fixed: Opening/Closing of car doors was missing sounds
  • Fixed: Character stamina did not replenish correctly when reduced by the gear (T139932)
  • Fixed: Action to eat pumpkin slices was missing (T139428)
  • Fixed: Missing footsteps sound while strafing with a heavy item in hands (T139604)
  • Fixed: Incorrect item weight upon adding attachments on specific items (T139773)
  • Fixed: Gas Stations can be blown up again
  • Fixed: Corrected material on the rear lights of the Olga
  • Fixed: Corrected the left headlight position on the Gunter 2
  • Fixed: Incorrect rotation of the remaining headlight of a car when one was detached
  • Fixed: Infected attacked players inside a closed Gunter
  • Fixed: Combination locks couldn’t be opened upon server restart
  • Fixed: Client error in the main menu
  • Fixed: In-game HUD could disappear while typing in the chat


  • Tweaked: The headlights on cars now switch to left/right/center depending on the attached headlight bulbs’ state
  • Tweaked: Cars now have functional rear lights
  • Tweaked: Reversing with a car now subtly illuminates the area behind it, allowing drivers to see there at night
  • Tweaked: The player stomach is now item/liquid-type based instead of nutritional-component-breakdown based
  • Tweaked: The connection timer is now up to 95 seconds in case of rapid server hopping. In connection to this change, the previous database locks have been removed.
  • Tweaked: Player spawn logic for avoiding water surfaces
  • Tweaked: Gunshot sounds are audible up to 3.5 km
  • Tweaked: Vehicles HUD
  • Tweaked: Improved plaster and concrete impact particle effects
  • Tweaked: Bullet impact effects are scaled by impact force much more visible now
  • Tweaked: The Portable Gas Lamp now burns 10x longer (~55 minutes with the smallest container, ~133 with the largest one)
  • Tweaked: Optimized muzzle flash particles for CR-61, FX-45, CR-75, IJ-70
  • Tweaked: Burning light sources now subtly flicker
  • Tweaked: Shadows from burning light sources subtly move
  • Tweaked: Smoke/Steam particles on weapons
  • Tweaked: character position is changed after a server change to mitigate server hopping


  • Added: -serverMod= executable launch parameter to define server-only mods
  • Added: Default Central Economy for ChernarusPlus moved to a PBO file (worlds_chernarusplus_ce.pbo)
  • Added: Possibility to override any file from the Central Economy files in the mission folder
  • Added: New V3 signature verification
  • Changed: verifySignatures= server configuration parameter now properly verifies mod addons (equalModRequired is deprecated)
  • Changed: AI territories are defined in the default Central Economy files (xml) and can be overridden in the mission (world AI addon and config territory definition has been deprecated)
  • Changed: Updated values and format of player spawn points (mandatory change, see CfgPlayerSpawnPoints.xml in dayzOffline.chernarusplus) — If this change isn’t reflected in the configuration, respawned and new players could spawn in the ocean!


  • Added: object::enabledynamicccd for enabling continuous collision detection on dynamic objects
  • Added: New function GetHiddenSelectionsTextures()
  • Added: New function GetHiddenSelectionsMaterials()
  • Added: Private members are now moddable (documentation)
  • Added: ScriptedLightsBase -> SetFlickerSpeed(…), SetFlickerAmplitude(…), SetDancingShadowsMovementSpeed(…), SetDancingShadowsAmplitude()& their Get…() functions. See FireplaceLight.c for an example.
  • Added: Ability to define default Central Economy files (mission xml files) for any terrain from the game config (ceFiles parameter in the world class)
  • Changed: Several constants moved to a class, allowing them to be modded (stamina, environment, damage/wetness states…)
  • Changed: MakeDirectory() script function enabled
  • Changed: Removed the script file writing limits
  • Changed: Lights on vehicles were refactored, only scripted lights are being used now.
  • Changed: The secondary spawner (dynamic event configuration) is now an element (was previously an item).
  • Fixed: Modded StringTables now work additively instead of overwriting the original table (! Do note that this will likely break current mods which are modifying stringtable) (T136999)
  • Fixed: Character orientation when linked onto another entity
  • Fixed: Camera collision when a player is attached on another entity
  • Fixed: Ladder command when a player is attached on another entity
  • Fixed: Animated static physics after transformation change
  • Tweaked: Renamed method GetTesting() to GetCEApi()

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